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Safe & Efficient Snow Stacking

During snow removal operations, follow these best practices to ensure safe and efficient snow stacking. These tips will not only protect you and any pedestrians that may be on site, but also allow you to be proactive with your plan and save time during the first storm.

Site Visits
A site map should be created during your preseason walkthrough to note relevant problem areas, where to stack snow and identify any potential melt/refreeze areas. Keep in mind that before every event, you should be sure to evaluate your work area again, no matter how familiar you are with the site. Vehicle and foot traffic can impact your ability to safely service the site and place snow where instructed.

Best Practice Techniques for Snow Stacking:

  • Plow forward and upward with the blade in a straight (not angled) position to pile the snow.

  • Try to keep your snow pile under two times the height of the stacking equipment. If it is stacked too steep, it may be unstable and collapse which can damage equipment or cause injuries.

  • Stay away from low-hanging power lines since they’re dangerous to come in contact with.

  • Avoid plowing snow across public intersections because in most cases, it’s against the law.

  • Keep the environment in mind when deciding where to stack snow and try to avoid stormwater management systems.

  • When using heavy equipment for stacking, make sure to use properly outfitted spotters.

Things to Watch Out for When Stacking Snow:

  • Melt/Refreeze - place snow piles in areas to prevent runoff and refreeze

  • Parking - try to stack snow on the exterior of parking lots, rather than piling it in valuable spaces

  • Lines of Sight - be cautious when stacking large piles of snow to be sure it doesn’t inhibit traffic

  • Watch for People - especially in residential areas and children that may be playing in the snow

  • Traffic Flow - don’t plow in entrance or exit lanes

  • Don’t Block Access - fire hydrants and other emergency areas need to have easy access

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Originally written by SIMA and WESTERN Products.

Safe & Efficient Snow Stacking
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Safe & Efficient Snow Stacking
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